Why Is My Vape Spitting

by Umair Nazaqat on Feb 06, 2024

Why Is My Vape Spitting

Vape spitting can quickly ruin an otherwise enjoyable vaping session; here, we explore its causes as well as ways to stop it from happening again in future sessions. So, why is my vape spitting?

1. Condensation Buildup:

One of the primary factors causing your vape to spit is an accumulation of condensation in its atomizer. When vaping, some of your e-liquid evaporates while some condenses back down as liquid. Over time, this condensation builds up and can accumulate in your coil or chimney, leading to spitting issues. Regularly clean your vape and clear any excess condensation away to keep it functioning smoothly and avoid this from occurring again.

2. Wrong Wattage Settings:

Changing the wattage settings on your vape device can dramatically impact its performance. Setting too little wattage could cause complete vaporization of e-liquid and spitting; setting too much wattage could result in excess liquid being made at once and reaching your agent prematurely. Experiment with different levels until you find one that suits your device the best.

3. Flooded Coil: 

A flooded coil occurs when too much e-liquid saturates it, causing it to gurgle and spit. This may occur if you overfill your tank, draw too hard while vaping, or use thin liquid that doesn't vaporize efficiently. To prevent flooding coils, ensure your tank doesn't overfill; also, consider switching to thicker liquid with higher VG (vegetable glycerin) content for best results.

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4. Airflow Issues

Poor or inadequate airflow may also contribute to spitting issues. If the airflow is too restricted, vapor may not escape efficiently from the atomizer and accumulate, spitting out into the environment. Adjust the settings on your vape until you find an ideal balance for smooth vaping without any spitting issues.

5. Defective or Incorrect Coil:

An old or malfunctioning coil can contribute to spitting problems. Over time, coils deteriorate, diminishing their ability to vaporize e-liquid effectively and producing unpleasant side effects like spitting. Furthermore, using the wrong coil type for your device or liquid may also lead to issues. Therefore, regularly replace your coils according to manufacturer specifications to ensure they work as intended with your vaping setup.

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Why Is My Vape Spitting? Spitting vapes can often be traced back to specific issues that, once understood, can be easily remedied. By keeping your device clean, adjusting wattage settings accordingly, preventing condensation buildup, maintaining proper airflow, and using compatible coils, you can enjoy an uninterrupted vaping experience. So next time your vape starts spitting, consider these factors and take the necessary steps for hassle-free vaping!