What Vapes Contain Diacetyl

by Umair Nazaqat on Feb 13, 2024

What Vapes Contain Diacetyl

Vaping is currently experiencing massive success as a substitute for smoking cigarettes. However, security concerns regarding certain vape products and components like diacetyl have come to light, as concerns have been raised regarding diacetyl's connection with respiratory issues that are severe inhalation. What vapes contain diacetyl? Knowing which products include diacetyl is essential for making educated health-related choices and decisions.

Diacetyl is commonly used as an ingredient in vape and electronic cigarettes to create juices that have creamy or buttery flavours and could cause uncorrectable lung damage, also known as bronchiolitis or popcorn lung obliterans, causing wheezing, coughing and breath shortness. Although it is safe to consume in food forms such as shakes or candy bars, inhalation could cause severe side effects, such as irreparable lung damage, commonly referred to as pop-lung. 

But what vapes contain diacetyl? Unfortunately, finding out can be challenging due to disclosure requirements from manufacturers of their presence in products, making it hard for consumers to know exactly what they are inhaling. Some studies have identified diacetyl as being present in certain e-liquids with creamy or dessert flavours as sources.

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A study published in Environmental Health Perspectives examined 51 flavours of e-cigarettes to determine diacetyl and found that it was present in 75% of the samples; researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found diacetyl in 39 of the 51 brands examined.

Insufficient regulation within the vaping industry exacerbated the problem as vaping manufacturers were not required by law to reveal all the ingredients that were in their products, which left customers exposed to potentially harmful substances such as diacetyl.

Vapers should take various precautions to ensure their safety when using vape by avoiding cream-based flavours like custard and butterscotch as they may contain diacetyl. Instead, choose more straightforward flavours like mint or fruit, which are less likely to be contaminated by harmful chemicals.

The second requirement is that vapers buy products from reputable brands, focusing on transparency and safety. Find brands that offer complete ingredient information and third-party testing to verify authenticity and quality.

Smokers should exercise caution when buying e-liquids from online sellers or sellers who are not authorized since they might need to go through rigorous quality assurance procedures with trusted sellers.

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Vapers should carefully consider their vaping habits and avoid excessive usage of devices such as diacetyl. While long-term studies continue to assess diacetyl's safety risks associated with vaping, its full health impacts remain unknown at this time.


Knowing which vapes contain diacetyl is critical for vapers who wish to safeguard their health and stay away from harm from vaping products that contain it. While its presence should be cause for alarm, consumers can take measures to mitigate exposure and mitigate risks by carefully choosing, informing themselves and vaping responsibly - thus taking full advantage of vaping while minimizing health risks.