How to make vape tricks work

by Umair Nazaqat on Mar 15, 2024

How to make vape tricks work

Vaping has transformed into a cult that has its own subcultures and fashions. One trend that has seen huge popularity for vapers of all levels is vape tricks, an art form that adds an extra dimension of enjoyment to vaping sessions for beginner as well as experienced users. What are the vape tricks? we have provided this detailed guide for learning these amazing techniques step-by -step, so that you can learn them for yourself!

Understanding Vape Devices:

Before you can begin exploring vape techniques, it's important to acquire a good understanding of all the available vaping equipment. Box mods, vape pens and pod systems differ significantly in terms of function and vapor production. The crucial factor to a successful vape is choosing a device that has variable airflow control as well as the capacity of batteries that is adequate specifically to your preferences.

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Beginning Basic Vape Tricks:

1. Ghost Inhale

Inhale a large amount of vapor through your mouth, releasing just a few bursts, then quickly inhaling any remaining vapor to create the ghost-like effect. Understanding your Ghost Inhale is the keystone to mastering the mechanics of controlling the vapor. You can practice controlling the speed and density of the vapor to create effects that look ghostly effortlessly.

2. The Dragon

Begin by taking a deep breath and collecting as much vapor from your lungs as is possible. Exhale vigorously through the sides and nose of the mouth in a single motion and you will get an impression of dragon's breath! This trick highlights how important it is to exhale carefully. Explore different ways to exhale to improve that dragon's look.

3. The French Inhale

To accomplish this trick to perform this trick, inhale vapor with your mouth, but don't allow it to get into your lung. You can inhale through your nose while expanding your mouth slowly to exhale any excess vapor out through the pores.

It is a French Inhale is a sophisticated and visually captivating trick that's visually stunning and elegant. The trick is about controlling the flow of the vapor from your mouth to nose, this effect gives an enthralling and captivating effect that will leave the audience in awe.

4. O's (Smoke Rings):

Take a deep breath and hold the gas in your throat for the longest time possible before forming your mouth to form the shape of an "O" and using your throat muscles to gently expel the remaining vapors from the throat cavity. The art of creating perfect O's requires perseverance and skillful control of your muscles. Explore various designs and speeds for exhalation until you get uniform smoke rings that have the same thickness.

5. The Jellyfish:

Utilize a simple vapour trick, such as Ghost Inhale or O's to make the appearance of a jellyfish by using your hands to push the vapour in different directions, creating the illusion that the creature swims around freely.

The Jellyfish trick is a combination of the basic principles of other tricks and the added benefit of a sense of imagination. Try out hands and vapor density levels to form an impressive jellyfish-like shape in midair.

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Tips to Help Perfect Your Vape Tricks:

Make Time to Practice: Like any other skill, learning the art of vape tricks is a matter of regular practice. Schedule time each day to practice and play with new techniques.

Explore Vapor Density to test various vaping density levels for the best implementation of your tricks you can adjust the power and airflow settings of your device in order to control the density. Different tricks require different densities to achieve the best execution.

Learn to perfect your exhalation techniques Take note of your breathing patterns and exhalation patterns. A lot of vape tricks depend on precise exhale strategies; experiment with different methods until you can determine what works for each technique.

Choose an appropriate e-liquid Choose an e-liquid that contains an abundance of vegetable glycerin because these will produce a thicker and more apparent vaping. Explore different flavors to provide another dimension of flavor to your vaping abilities.


Learning how to perform vape tricks is a great way to add an artistic and fun aspect to your vaping experience starting with basic Ghost and Inhale is the first step to advanced Jellyfish tricks. If you follow this step-by-step tutorial and you'll be on your journey to becoming a skilled vape trick artist! Get some e-liquid in your hand and adjust your device settings to your liking, and let the imagination unfold as you master how to pull off vape tricks!