Can you vape after a filling

by Umair Nazaqat on Feb 20, 2024

Can you vape after a filling

Fillings are an efficient solution to treating cavities or damaged teeth. Through this procedure, the dentist removes decayed areas before filling any remaining spaces with composite resin or amalgam filling material. It is crucial to recognize and protect against potential risks related to dental fillings and vaping. Can you vape after a filling? Here is what you should know.

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Concerns About Vaping After Refilling (Vape After Filling)

It refers to the practice of inhaling and exhaling aerosol produced by electronic cigarettes or similar devices for enjoyable use, typically for pleasure. Although data on its effects following dental treatments such as fillings is currently lacking, various factors must be taken into consideration:

1. Exposure to Heat and Chemicals: 

Vaping devices release heat and chemicals that could damage the tooth-filling material or wrapper, potentially reducing its filling density or creating discomfort for users. High heat or chemical exposure could reduce filling thickness or worsen existing filling pain.

2. Delayed Healing: 

Following dental filling procedures, it's critical that the region heal completely. Vaping may introduce foreign chemicals or contaminants that compromise this process and interfere with it.

3. Risk of Infection:

 Any disruption to the oral cavity, such as fillings or vaping, increases the risk of infection or other issues. Vaping introduces foreign particles into your mouth which increases your chance of infections or other issues.

Precautions To Consider After Fillings Are Installed

To promote optimal healing and minimise potential dangers associated with dental fillings, it is highly advised that you follow a few specific steps immediately following receiving one:

  1. Avoid Smoking and Vaping: Dentists typically advise patients to withhold smoking and vaping directly following dental procedures to promote healing and minimize risks.
  1. Follow Post-Procedure Recommendations: Your dentist will give you specific teachings regarding post-filing care to optimize healing and decrease discomfort. Be sure to adhere to their advice to enable faster healing times and reduced discomfort.
  1. Practice effective oral hygiene: Continue to practice good oral hygiene practices such as brushing, flossing and using mouthwash regularly in order to keep the treated area free from conditions and germs.
  1. Schedule follow-up visits: Arrange for follow-up arrangements with your dentist so they can closely monitor the healing process and address any difficulties promptly.

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Can you vape after a filling? While it is currently unknown what effects vaping has on dental fillings, it is best to be cautious and avoid vaping shortly after treatment. Following post-filling care policies and emphasizing oral cleanliness will speed recovery faster and help ensure longer-term dental health benefits. For additional advice or information regarding vaping post-filling treatment please reach out directly to your dentist for guidance and help.